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Tsuboki - The Japanese Facial Massage with ATTITUDE

"a full body massage just for the face!"

What is Tsuboki Facial Massage?

Tsuboki Japanese Facial Massage is relaxing and energising treatment suitable for anybody who wants to feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.

Developed by Shiatsu practitioner Anne Parry, Tsuboki works on the principles of acupressure and is a modern take on meridian theory which goes back thousands of years in Japan and China.

Tsubo:  an acupressure point – a place along the meridian where energy can be stimulated to ease blockages and improve circulation.

Ki: the Japanese word for ‘Qi’, or the energy that flows through the meridians.

Tsuboki is a massage using the tsubos to influence flow of Ki in the body and  to deeply stimulate the facial tissues.

In Japanese culture it’s believed that beauty is more than skin deep, and that internal health is a prerequisite for external beauty. Tsuboki facial massage stimulates the internal as well as the external processes that contribute to your healthy glow!

What happens in a Tsuboki facial massage session?

A Tsuboki facial massage is a four stage process:

STAGE ONE includes massage to the neck and shoulders to increase circulation to the face and release tension

STAGE TWO is a detailed facial massage with organic, cold pressed moringa oil, using traditional Japanese massage techniques.  We’ll tailor pressure to your preference and ideally do some deep work on the facial musculature.

STAGE THREE uses acupressure to stimulate eight facial meridians and over 50 tsubos.  Many of the facial meridians relate to your ‘hollow organs’ – Stomach, Bladder, Intestines and Gallbladder and working with these is a deeply cleansing process.

STAGE FOUR manual lymphatic drainage techniques help to eliminate toxins from the skin.

About Sandy

Sandy has been in practice as an acupuncturist since 2003. She has worked with various forms of massage, including the Chinese medical practice of TuiNa in the context of her acupuncture practice for many years.   In 2006, she trained in facial revitalisation acupuncture with US facial acupuncture specialist Virginia Doran and found that facial acupuncture patients also responded extremely well to facial acupressure as it helped them to relax into the treatment.

Since training in Tsuboki, Sandy has been delighted by client reports of feeling deeply relaxed and simultaneously energised by Tsuboki facial massage.  She has enjoyed applying her understanding of the meridian system in a new way and she very much shares her clients’ enthusiasm for how great their skin looks after a session. She now regularly practises Tsuboki techniques on herself!




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