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What is life coaching?

Life coaching can help you to define what you want out of life, set goals and find ways of reaching those goals. We all find ourselves stuck at times and we may benefit from getting support from someone who is impartial to help us focus and find our direction. Coaching increases your self-awareness which includes knowing your values and what is most important to you in life. It also helps you to recognise any negative patterns of behaviour that might be holding you back.

What type of life coaching is on offer?

Beth provides a friendly and effective coaching service in two main areas:

- Career and workplace coaching. Beth has an extensive background in HR and recruitment as well as a Post-graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management.

- Beth also provides empowerment coaching for those who have faced adversity and would now like to build an authentic new life. Her counselling experience and expertise helps her to understand the negative patterns of behaviour that may be present and may hinder you from reaching your goals. 

​​What is the life coaching approach?

Beth believes that the answers are all within her clients. She does not give trite advice or tell you what to do. She works to empower you to find the answers within yourself and give you the acceptance, focus and space you need to move forward. Beth is warm and empathic in her approach, but she will challenge where necessary to support the process. She may use creative methods such as stories, art and other creative exercises if this suits you. Coaching sessions are entirely confidential. Beth always welcomes feedback  to improve the service and to ensure that you achieve optimum results.

About Beth

Beth is a passionate and experienced coach, trained by The Coaching Academy (the leading provider of coaching training in the UK) and is committed to helping people lead more authentic and fruitful lives through coaching. Beth has extensive experience of coaching people from all walks of life including those who have faced adversity and wish to move forward, people stuck on their career path or who would like to change career and those who wish to achieve personal goals close to their hearts.

Prior to working as a counsellor and coach Beth was an HR professional for many years, which gives her a special insight for those who wish to change careers or develop their current career. It also means she has expertise around obstacles that can hold you back in the workplace including workplace stress and bullying.

Beth has personally benefited greatly from coaching as it has helped her to build her own business and reach many personal goals. She is passionate about coaching others to achieve similar results.

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