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About holistic massage

Holistic massage is a deeply relaxing and restorative form of bodywork which draws on classical massage techniques for a nourishing and in-depth treatment.

Massage has been shown to have a beneficial impact on numerous aspects of health, particularly the immune system, circulation, muscle tone and skin condition as well as reducing stress levels and improving quality of sleep.

Treatments can help to develop a sense of safety and ease in the body, - a sense of ‘coming home’ to self and to body. Many people find that regular holistic massage supports a greater experience of embodiment and freedom in daily life.

What happens in a session?

The first treatment involves a short consultation, looking at an overall picture of your health and wellbeing. We also consider outcomes you are seeking from the session.

A whole body treatment generally includes the head, face and shoulders, arms, legs and back. We can also choose to focus in on any areas which would benefit from particular work. The session follows your needs and is structured accordingly.

Holistic massage is conducted in a peaceful, warm environment, to promote relaxation and release. A range of oils are available for different skin types and preferences. Towels and blankets are used for comfort.

About Claire

Claire has Itec level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage, and also Anatomy and Physiology, - both with distinction. She is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Claire has also trained extensively in bodywork and movement therapy. She has explored a wide range of Continuing Professional Development work, including craniosacral therapy and dance movement psychotherapy.

Claire has been involved in the field of movement and bodywork for over fourteen years, including many years of dance and movement meditation practices. Her studies and own experiences have given her a strong commitment to this work. She is passionate about supporting people to develop a sense of ease and home in the body.

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