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About holistic body massage

Holistic body massage is a deeply relaxing and restorative form of bodywork which draws on classical massage techniques for a nourishing and in-depth treatment.holistic_body_massage_oxford_claire_cecil_bonn_square_therapy_room

There’s an emphasis on working with the whole person, as well as addressing any specific areas of concern.

Claire uses a range of largely organic, cold pressed oils, chosen for their extensive health benefits, and moisturising properties. These oils are unrefined - preserving the nutrients of the nuts, grains and seeds - and leaving the oils high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, all of which nourish the body and skin deeply.

Each treatment is tailored to your needs and oils are selected accordingly.

Regular holistic body massage has been shown to have a positive impact on numerous aspects of health and well-being.

This work particularly supports the immune system, muscle tone, skin condition and circulation as well as improving sleep quality, reducing anxiety and stress levels.

Holistic body massage can help to develop a sense of safety and ease in the body -  of ‘coming home’ to self and to body. People often find that regular holistic body massage supports a greater sense of ease, and physical freedom in daily life.

Holistic Body Massage with blended Essential Oils

Essential oils are aromatic, botanical essences - distilled or expressed from the flowers, leaves, or roots of plants.  Some of the most well known include jasmine, lavender, ylang-ylang, patchouli and geranium and rosemary.  All of these feature in the different blends used in treatment.

Essential oils have been used in therapeutic and ritual contexts for centuries – to promote health, well-being, and quality of life.

The exquisite fragrances, and health-giving properties of these oils are increasingly appreciated and utilised across society today.

These treatments employ specialised blends of essential oils - known as ‘synergies’ - each with different properties, and chosen according to the needs of each client.

What happens in Holistic Body Massage and Massage with Blended Essential Oils?

The first treatment involves a short consultation, looking at an overall picture of your health and well-being, and the outcomes that you are seeking from the massage.

Claire will then help you to select the most appropriate nut, grain or seed oils or essential oils blend.

A full body treatment generally includes the head, face, shoulders, arms and back - and we'll also focus on any areas which would benefit from particular work.

The session is tailored to your needs and oils are selected accordingly.    People often find that regular treatments support a greater sense of freedom and ease in daily life.                                               Pillows, towels and blankets are used for comfort.

Bonn Square Treatment Room provides a beautiful, warm, peaceful environment for massage treatments, promoting relaxation and release.

About Claire Cecil Holistic Body Massage

Claire has been involved in the fields of body and movement work since 2002 - when she became immersed in dance and bodywork - going on to explore a wide range of disciplines and practices.

She has Itec level 3 diplomas in Holistic Body Massage, and also Anatomy and Physiology, - both with distinction.

Through this work she became interested in the extensive health properties of the botanical oils used in the treatments, - and went on to complete a Certificate in working with pre-blended essential oils, to enable her to incorporate the health benefits, and exquisite fragrances of these essences into her work.

Claire has also trained extensively in bodywork and movement therapy, - in particular embodied anatomy, – and the movement meditation practice Authentic Movement.

She is working towards accreditation as a somatic movement therapist with Ismeta, and is currently offering group work, at reduced rates, as a student.

She has a Foundation in Dance Movement Psychotherapy from Roehampton University, - and has explored a wide range of CPD level work, including introductory courses in craniosacral therapy, and counselling.

Her studies, and her own experiences of movement and bodywork, have given her a strong commitment to this work, - and to supporting people develop a sense of ease and home in the body.

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