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Rosie Waygood, MSc Ost., M.Ost is a registered Osteopath who is all about empowering people through a renewed sense of freedom in their body. Rosie studied two Osteopathy Master degrees at universities in London and Hamburg, where her passion for working with all ages, including little ones, led her to also pursue training as a paediatric osteopath. Determined to delve deeper into the roots of Osteopathy, she joined a course in cause-oriented Osteopathic Medicine at the University of Witten-Herdecke in Germany, where she became a clinical tutor.

Rosie takes a holistic approach. Her aim of treatment is to treat not only the site of pain, but also find the underlying source of dysfunction, which is often located in other parts of the body.

Rosie performs movement tests to find areas of imbalance, followed by hands-on release techniques to ease tensions and enable free flowing movement. Her treatments include musculoskeletal, cranial and visceral osteopathy.

This can involve working on the spine, ribs and limbs; helping ease organ-related tensions in the chest, abdomen or pelvis; or reducing tensions in the neck, jaw and cranium.

Rosie is a family osteopath, treating people across age and background. She also treats babies and children to help them in their development and offers specialist support for women during pregnancy and menopause.

If you’d like to book in for treatment or you just have questions about osteopathy, please either give Rosie a call on 07399 358080 or send an email using the form below. You can also access her own website at

07399 358080