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Ayurveda is the traditional Indian system of medicine. It considers the balance between the mind, body and spirit combing nutrition, yoga and massage to enhance wellbeing and delay ageing.  Ayurveda places great importance on prevention of disease and maintaining balance in your life.  Ayurvedic massage is thought to be a keystone of that process.


Marma Abhyanga is a warm oil based full body massage combing traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques with acupressure of Marma points - specific points where energy can stagnate.

During your treatment Miranda will work with the breath so that your nervous system can let go of stress. Combined with pressure applied to your marma points this will promote a healthy flow of energy or prana* - a Sanskrit word that translates as “vital life force.”

The treatment encourages healing and strengthening of the body, releasing physical and emotional blockages whilst helping to eliminate toxins. Improved blood circulation and warming up of tissues results in increased absorption of nutrients and supply of oxygen to muscles, promoting mitochondrial biogenesis which boosts the benefits of your massage, whilst your skin is nourished with the oils..

The Marma Abhyanga ayurvedic massage can be taken as a stand-alone treatment for relaxation or as a course of treatments to help maintain balance and enhance the working of the body’s organs for renewed health and vitality.

*The Chinese call it "chi", the Japanese "ki", Egyptians "ka".


A great treatment for restoring tired calf muscles or after a flight the soles of the feet are cleansed and nourished, energy blockages are released and circulation improved.


An anti-ageing treatment for enhanced mental wellness. By massaging marma points, blood flow and collagen is stimulated also helping to reduce lines.


At your first session you will have a short consultation to establish your dosha and help guide the treatment.  There are three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha – and most of us have a prominent dosha that guides the lifestyle we are best suited to.  When our doshas are out of balance often due to lifestyle factors our body doesn’t work at its best which can lead to disease.  Ayurveda aims to balance your dosha to promote good health.

The full body and face massages are carried out on a bed whilst for the foot massage you will be sitting on a chair.

The Marma Abhyanga full body massage will start with you lying down on your front and ladies will be asked to remove their bra prior to treatment to allow their back to be massaged. Areas not being massaged will be covered throughout your treatment and an extra blanket can be added for warmth.

Gentle music plays during your treatment, however you can receive your treatment in silence if you prefer.

Warm herbalised organic oils chosen for your dosha type are used in your treatment..

Falling asleep is not unusual.


It is my belief, that everything we need is available naturally if we can harness it.”

Suffering with terrible hayfever during her school exams when endless trips to the doctor and pharmacy made no difference her mother took her to see a homeopath; the results were dramatic and opened her eyes to the power of alternative treatments. Some years later Miranda read in a newspaper an extract of a book called Living Proof by Oxford professor Michael Gearin-Tosh. Gearin-Tosh had turned down a bone marrow transplant and chosen an alternative treatment route. When a few months later Miranda was diagnosed with leukaemia she bought his book the same day. Having read many medical malpractice cases when working in the Lloyd’s insurance market she decided a transplant was not a risk she wanted to take as the mother of a young child. This decision opened up to her the world of treatments that promote health rather than sickness. For several years Miranda then worked in the natural health industry organising events with speakers such as the renowned naturopath, the late Jan de Vries, natural health expert Janey Lee Grace  and organic living guru Jo Wood before going on to work with a brand to develop a certified organic skincare range.  Increasingly Miranda found herself working long hours behind a desk when after a particularly stressful period in her life she found a lump in her breast. She knew she needed to bring balance back into her life.

A one off consultation with an ayurvedic doctor visiting from India at the time of her leukaemia diagnosis had left a lasting impression - the small lifestyle changes he had suggested at the time had made a significant difference to how she felt. Miranda trained in Ayurvedic Massage with Sunita Passi the granddaughter of an Indian Ayurvedic doctor. Sunita now runs training for spas and retreats across the world.

Miranda looks forward to sharing this ancient Indian system of healing with you at Bonn SquareTherapy Room.

Miranda’s holistic approach extends to her furry family and she has used acupuncture, homeopathy and Radionics to support the health of her horses and dogs over many years.

Currently training in Amnanda Therapy, an ayurvedic oil treatment to release trauma at a cellular level in people she hopes to go on to train in Amnanda Therapy for horses and dogs as well.



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