Ayurvedic Yoga Massage & Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy with Carla Rey Christen

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About Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a distinct system of bodywork that combines Indian deep tissue massage with co-ordinated breathwork and yoga based stretching. The deep tissue massage dissolves physical tension and prepares the body for assisted yoga stretching. This unique, comprehensive approach dissolves physical and emotional blocks, assists the elimination of toxins, promotes circulation and correct body alignment, improves respiratory patterns and leaves the receiver re-energized, with a profound sense of lightness and calm.

What happens in a session?

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is performed on a mat on the floor for free movement and flow. The therapy involves alteration between Indian deep tissue massage and therapeutic yoga stretches across all the body. This therapy also incorporates the use of the hands and feet as tools for massage. The utilisation of the feet allows for deeper and more thorough pressure through long and graceful strokes.

In keeping with the tradition of Ayurveda, natural herbal oils and calamus powder are utilised for their healing properties. The scrubbing effect of the calamus powder further stimulates the release of toxins, awakens the skin and promotes deeper circulation.
The session is performed uncovered with underwear. A sarong is provided to cover the breast area [women] and to cover the lower area of the body [men and women] while the session is taking place. Eating and drinking lightly before the session is recommended.

About Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Therapy

The vibrations of singing bowls can have a positive influence on  well-being. The therapy is aimed at fostering mental peace and relaxation. Singing Bowl vibrations can eliminate mental, emotional or physical pain; detoxify the body; stimulate the endocrine system and regulate hormonal functioning.  They can also increase energy, promote rest, stimulate the immune system, synchronise the left and right hemispheres of the brain, normalise blood pressure, improve digestion and harmonise the breath.

The therapy also aims to provide relief from nervous system conditions and alleviate symptoms resulting from stress, emotional tension or physical illness such as: headaches; migraines; high blood pressure; skin allergies and conditions; abdominal discomfort and muscle ache; back pain; insomnia; fatigue; depression and anxiety.

Carla provides a range of sound therapy sessions, including:

Chakra Balancing Therapy

Chakra Balancing Therapy is a treatment that corrects unbalanced chakras so that the endocrine system and all the associated organs affected by that system can function correctly.  This assists the adjustment of the body and provides mental relief.  Singing Bowls naturally cause chakras to self-correct.  The sound waves in the form of sine waves run correcting frequencies to the unbalanced chakra, bringing it back to normal function and assisting recovery.  A traditional set of 7 metal singing bowls is used in this therapy.  The therapy involves positioning each bowl in alignment with each corresponding chakra and these are played in a specific, consecutive sequence.

Sound Bath Healing Tailored Therapy

The therapy will involve being surrounded by a specific sequence of sound that has been found to produce deep states of relaxation.  This is very beneficial for reducing the effects of tension, emotional stress and can also provide symptom relief where there is physical illness.  Sound Bath Healing Tailored Therapy allows the body and mind to release strain and reach their own state of balance.  Choose from:

  • a relaxing sound bath
  • a chakra balancing therapy
  • a stimulating sound bath to recalibrate the nervous system

Singing Bowls Water Therapy Massage

This is a therapy to promote deep relaxation, assist detoxification and to release joint and muscle related pain.  The massage stimulates blood circulation and both kidney and liver function, boosts immunity and supports mental and physical relaxation.  The therapy will involve rotating a singing bowl (containing hot water) on the body in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction.  Singing bowls are also located around the body and played throughout the therapy.  Note that this treatment is contraindicated if you suffer with high blood pressure, insensitivity to heat or if you have any skin condition with open wounds.

Singing Bowls on Body Massage for Joint and Muscle Related Pain

This therapy is performed in the same way as above and aims for the same results.  This therapy would be suitable for somebody with contraindications to the water therapy massage, or somebody who does not enjoy experiencing heat.

What happens in a session?

Sound therapy sessions are performed on a mat on the floor for free movement and flow. These are performed fully clothed, please remember to wear comfortable, loose clothing like a t-shirt, leggings or thin trousers, with no exposed zippers or buttons.

Only traditional hand made, Himalayan, metal singing bowls are used in all sound therapies.

Sound bath healing tailored therapy (45 mins)                                                                £65

Singing bowls water therapy massage (45 mins)                                                             £65

Singing bowls on body massage for joint and muscle pain (45 mins)                         £65

Chakra balancing therapy 15 mins and singing bowls water

therapy massage 45 mins (60 mins total)                                                                         £75

Chakra balancing therapy 15 mins and singing bowls on body

massage for joint and muscle related pain 45 mins (60 mins total)                            £75

About Carla

Carla Rey Christen was born in Chile; she is British and Chilean. She is the founder of Sati Studio, an Oxford based studio specialising in complementary and alternative therapy.

Carla is a qualified Ayurvedic therapist, specialising in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, with training completed in London and India. She is also a qualified Singing Bowls Sound therapist, with training completed in Nepal.

Carla’s approach to health and well-being is rooted in Ayurvedic medicine, Buddhist philosophy and bodywork. As a therapist, Carla is thorough, warm-hearted and empathic. She continuously studies to deepen her knowledge as a therapist and to be able to provide comprehensive treatments to her clients in a safe and supportive environment. She embraces both modern innovation and traditional Eastern wisdom. She holds full Professional and Public liability insurance.

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