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What our clients say

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“I've seen Mandy for several months now and she has been amazing - the treatment has really helped me, and she's just such a lovely, caring and attentive person. Highly recommended.”

GB on Google

I absolutely love Sandy's wonderful Tsuboki acupressure facials - the whole delicious experience takes me into a deep state of rest and relaxation

CKS on Google

"Bonn Square Therapy Room is a wonderfully peaceful and soothing environment."

SL on Google

"Sandy is gentle and insightful.  I felt very comfortable and the treatment made me feel much better."

DJ on Google

I had a Tsuboki Facial Massage recently which was amazing. I felt so relaxed I ended up sleeping towards the end of the treatment. The benefits of the treatment lasted a long time, my skin looked younger and I felt much more relaxed and calm.

MH on Google